Vietnam Craft Beer Festival at LIVINcollective in Nha Trang

Taste the best of Vietnam's craft beer selection at LIVINcollective's beer festival on August 13th.

Vietnam Craft Beer Festival at LIVINcollective

Mark August 13th on your calendar;  LIVINcollective is hosting the Nha Trang Craft Beer Festival. 

Although most of Vietnam is still drinking the likes of 333, Tiger, and Saigon, the craft beer scene is booming, and some of the best brewers in the country will be there to show off their beers.

The award-winning Pasteur Street Brewing Company will be there, whose beers you can always find on tap at LIVINcollective. While they have two on tap (an IPA and Saison at the time of writing), expect them to show off more of their lineup. Pasteur Street is the current leader in the Vietnam craft beer scene. They currently have one or more of their beers on tap in most major Vietnamese cities.

Two other well-known craft brewers attending the festival are Fuzzy Logic and Te Te.

Fuzzy Logic is a ranks up there with Pasteur Street in terms of quality and taste. However, their beers haven’t developed the same reach yet, as they’re mostly found in the Saigon area (surely that’ll change). They’re one of the local expat favorites. With great taste and a more affordable price, Fuzzy Logic is one of Vietnam’s most popular craft beers.

Te Te is also found mostly in Saigon, and their Belgian wheat and its pop-top bottle can be found at many of the popular expat-friendly bars and restaurants in the city. Although they only brew the one beer, they believe the Belgian wheat a perfect style to go with the Vietnamese climate.

And if you’re not into the beers, Saigon Cider will also be there.

The Nha Tra Craft Beer Festival won’t have the big, corporate feel that you might get from the Singapore or Manila festivals, but that’ll be part of its appeal. LIVINcollective’s space feels like you’re in someone’s backyard, so just a few blocks from Nha Trang’s hectic collection of high-rises and tour buses, you can find a little slice of craft beer heaven.

Head to Nha Trang on August 13th and enjoy the live music, food, and drinks that LIVINcollective will provide you.

Find out more at LIVINcollective’s Facebook Invite.

Nha Trang Craft Beer Festival

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