Gordon Biersch – Taichung Location

A German-style microbrewery and restaurant.

The Gordon Biersch Taichung, Taiwan location is one of five that the American chain restaurant and craft brewery operate in the country. The other four locations are all in Taipei, so Gordon Biersch Taichung has a bit of a monopoly on the Taichung craft beer scene.

With few options for craft beer lovers in the city, Gordon Biersch is a great option to try some German-style craft beers brewed in-house. They offer several types of lagers, as well as other selections.

They also have a full menu of food, making the atmosphere more restaurant than bar, but that shouldn’t stop you from sticking around and enjoying several after-dinner pints.

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  1. Washing hands after handling garbage

    I have been going to this restaurant for several years and have always enjoyed my experience there, including the atmosphere, the service, and most importantly, the food. However, last night I sat just outside the kitchen and was dismayed that the doors were never closed. Rather than being able to watch the food preparation (which I would have enjoyed), I had a direct line of sight to the dishwasher and the garbage can next to him. At one point, the garbage can was full and a male employee began to prepare the garbage can for emptying. With his bare hands, he crushed the garbage down, compacting it so that he could then pull out the garbage bag and carry it away. I quickly noted his uniform: I wanted to know if he was a bus boy or a waiter. His uniform was consistent with the other waiters in the restaurant. After carrying the garbage out, he soon returned. I watched to see if he would wash his hands. Well, he sort of did. He quickly rinsed his hands, taking less than 3 seconds, and without using soap. Within a few minutes, I noticed that he was serving food to other guests. I nearly gagged.

    You need to inform your personnel that after handling garbage, they need to wash their hands THOROUGHLY with SOAP and WATER for at least 30 seconds.

    You may wish to consider how to construct a visual barrier between the kitchen sink and your customers, particularly if you aren’t going to keep the doors closed.

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Lane 833, Section 2, Taiwan Boulevard 11-1
407 Taichung City TW
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Mon-Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 am

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