Craft Beer Kuala Lumpur – The Best Bars in Malaysia

Forget the Tiger. Drink craft beer in one of these great bars in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Where to drink craft beer in Kuala Lumpur

There are not a lot of craft beer bars in Kuala Lumpur; fortunately, there are a few very good ones.

The high import taxes on beers and the lack of demand make craft beer difficult to find in all of Malaysia, but if you’re in Kuala Lumpur, these bars are worth checking out.

1. Taps Craft Beer Bar

There are two locations: Taps Bar Jalan Nagasari and Taps Bar Mont Kiara.  Both are similar. The Jalan Nagasari branch is the more popular of the two, a little larger, and easier for the average tourist to find.

Taps Craft Beer Bar has an extensive range of imported craft beers. Expect to find a tap selection the popular American west coast beers, such as Rogue, Stone, etc.

They also carry beers from other parts of the world, like Japan, New Zealand, and Europe. Their taps change frequently, and whether you’re looking for an IPA, pale ale, stout, or wit, they should have something for you. In all, they have around 15 beers on tap and many bottles.

The food also scores high marks. The serve pizza, pasta, and other standard pub fare, some with a distinct Malaysian influence.

Taps has live music several nights a week, but the music is never overbearing. Even with the music going, it’s easy to maintain a conversation¬†with your table.

For full information on Taps Craft Beer Kuala Lumpur, check out the listing pages for Taps Jalan Nagasari and Taps Mont Kiara.

2. The Great Beer Bar – Petaling Jaya

From the same owners as Ales & Lager (number 3 on the list), The Great Beer Bar has around eight beers on tap and a large selection of bottles.

It’s easy to find your style of beer here. Their tap list varies, but the refrigerators are always stocked with a good variety of craft beers.

The place is small–or maybe cozy is a better word. But it works. It keeps the atmosphere friendly and intimate. Just find a stool and you’ll be in one of the few craft beer heavens in Kuala Lumpur.

They do have a food menu–burgers, pasta, and rice dishes that go well with the beers.

For full details, check out the listing page for The Great Beer Bar.

3. Ales & Lagers

Ales & Lagers is a fun little bottle shop in Kuala Lumpur. They have a big selection of bottles from craft breweries all over the world.

The seating area is small. The place feels more like a store than a bar, but once some of the seats start to fill up with customers, it becomes a familiar place to work through a good range of beers. You’ll find like-minded beer lovers sampling next to you, usually willing to share opinions.

They have a limited choice of food; however, the selection is solid. Perfect for a little bottle shop.

Check out the listing page for Ales & Lager for more information.

Conclusion – Craft Beer Kuala Lumpur

Craft beer is hard to find in Malaysia. If you want the full dinner/beers experience, you can’t go wrong with either of the Taps locations. If you’re just looking for a chair and a big selection, then either The Great Beer Bar or Ales & Lagers will make you happy.

Hopefully, the Kuala Lumpur craft beer scene takes off and this list continues to grow.

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