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Looking for the best Singapore brew pubs? We've got the island covered.

Where Are the Best Singapore Brew Pubs?

There’s no shortage of craft beer in Singapore. Local lagers still rule the day, but with minimal effort, you can stumble across a good craft beer in many parts of the city. Although smallest by size, Singapore beats most of its neighboring countries with of its huge selection of imported bottles and drafts.

This is also true of Singapore brew pubs. Why stick to those same American west coast beers that are so prevalent in the world when you can try some of these gems?

Here are our picks.

Boat Quay Brew Pub:

RedDot Brewhouse – Located on the tourist-friendly promenade of Boat Quay, RedDot Brewhouse has an old Singapore shophouse look with a great front-row view of the water. They typically have eight beers on tap. The beers are European-style, ranging from a Czech pilsner to beers of most shades, leaning to the lighter side. Good beer for the Singapore heat.

Clarke Quay Brew Pub:

Brewerkz Riverside Point – A well-known brew pub in Singapore, their Riverside Point location is right on the water in the popular Clarke Quay area, one of Singapore’s most touristy and happening spots. Just inland from Boat Quay, this area is also bustling with restaurants and other bars, a great place to come for eating and drinking.

Brewerkz has six beers on their regular tap list: Golden Ale, India Pale Ale, Pilsner, Oatmeal Stout, Hopback Ale, and Iguana Lager. Additionally, they’ve offered numerous seasonal beers of many varieties.

Brewerkz and RedDot have a lot in common, and they’re close enough that you could try them both on the same day.

Brewerkz has three other locations (Brewerkz Indoor Stadium, Brewerkz Sentosa, and Brewerkz Orchard Parade Hotel).

Dempsey Road Brew Pub:

Tawandang – Want a little taste of German beer hall meets Thailand? Come to Tawandang. This large drinking establishment is an Asain chain. They have locations in Thailand and Cambodia, and what sets them apart is their big, open space with a festive Octoberfest environment and stage with nightly events.

Tawandang’s beer is European. They have three styles: Lager, Weizen, and Dunkel. And they pair these with a unique Asian-Euro menu.

If Tawandang is too overwhelming, there’s a RedDot location right next door.

Changi Village Brew Pub:

Little Island Brewing – Way out near the airport is Little Island Brewing. Compared to more downtown spots, this spacious brew pub makes you feel like you’re on a different island, somewhere much more relaxing than the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

Little Island Brewing usually has five beers on tap. As of the time of writing, their beer menu includes a pale ale, dry Irish stout, red ale, Singapore pale ale, and an oaked stocked ale. You’ll find these beers a little more complex than some of the names on our list, making this one the best Singapore brew pubs.

Little Island Brewing should be on every beer lover’s itinerary.

Kallang Brew Pub:

The 1925 Microbrewery & Restaurant – From the street, this looks like a small little shophouse that you might walk past every day without a second look, but once on the inside, you’ll warm up to the stylish decor and tasty beer menu.

They brew a few of their own beers, yet they also have a few good imported craft beers on tap as well. This makes an excellent insurance policy for those who want a guaranteed quality beer, but that’s not to say you won’t be impressed with what they serve.

The food is quality as well. The 1925 Microbrewery is all about quality.


Each brew pub on the list offers something great for their guests. Although tourists might stick to the areas around Clarke and Boat Quay, some of the best Singapore brew pubs require a bit of effort.

Fortunately for craft beer lovers, you’ll never be too far from some tasty beer in Singapore.

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