The Best Saigon Craft Beer Bars

Want to find the best selection of Saigon craft beer? Check out our recommendations--you won't be disappointed.

For beer lovers, there are few places as exciting as the Saigon craft beer scene. Led mostly by expats, Vietnam is now home to several craft breweries. It’s hard to come to Vietnam and not come across some of these beers. Pasteur Street Brewing, for example, has their beers in several bars and restaurants throughout Vietnam, and they currently hold the bragging rights after bringing home three golds and one silver medal at the Asia Beer Medal awards.

However, they’re not the only game in town. BiaCraft, Phat Rooster, Lac, and Barett, are a few names becoming more well-known. These are quality beers, made by brewers with a passion for what they do. Therefore, coming to Vietnam and not trying a few of these brands would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

So, where to start?

1. BiaCraft

BiaCraft was the first dedicated Saigon craft beer bar. Located out in District 2, they have several local beers on tap and a small imported bottle selection. The bar itself is small, but with space in front, there’s always a place to stand as you work your way through their tap list.

Speaking of that tap list, you’ll find many of the country’s craft beers on it. Since getting to BiaCraft is a taxi ride for many, it makes sense to stick around and work yourself through their selection. Consider it a cultural experience.

The original BiaCraft is in District 2, about a 10-minute and $5 taxi ride from most hotels in the District 1 area. Well worth the trip.

However, in September of 2016 their new bar opens, promising to have 30 beers on tap (wow!) and will undoubtedly take the top spot on every Saigon craft beer bar list.

For more information on BiaCraft, check out their listing page.

2. Pasteur Street Brewing Company’s Taproom

Located in a convenient District 1 location near many tourist sites and hotels, Pasteur Street is a cozy second-floor bar slightly hidden down a little alley. It’s fair to say Pasteur Street is the most popular and well-known craft brewer in Vietnam. They’ve made over 50 different kinds of beer, won awards, and done an exceptional job marketing themselves. These are good things.

Their taproom has several of their beers on tap, and they offer a six-beer tasting flight that just might be the best time you can have in Saigon (way more fun than Independence Palace).

Pasteur Street is a special place. It’s a place you’ll meet other beer lovers. You’ll see people pop in throughout the afternoon like it’s just another stop on their sightseeing tour, which it should be. You’ll overhear beer geeks sharing tips on where to drink beer, what beer to drink, and where they want to drink beer next. It’s beer geek heaven.

Pasteur Street should be on your Saigon itinerary. For more information, check out their listing page.

3. Malt

Malt is another expat favorite with a recently expanded craft beer selection. Similar to BiaCraft, you can try several of Vietnam’s craft beers on tap. They have a lively atmosphere, with darts, shuffleboard, and regular events.

Aside from craft beers, they also have a full cocktail list, something you can’t find at BiaCraft and Pasteur Street.

Malt is located right in the heart of downtown, nice and easy to get to. Additionally, you’ll be happy to know Malt is just a short walk from Pasteur Street.

For more information on Malt, visit their listings page.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Buddha Bar – District 2 bar with a solid craft beer list.
  2. Quan Ut Ut – Same owners as BiaCraft. American-style BBQ restaurant with a huge beer list.
  3. B3 Steakhouse – Centrally located steak and craft beer restaurant.

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